HelpMaster Desktop and HelpMaster Staff Web Interface

The HelpMaster desktop and web interface for staff is licenced on a concurrent user basis.  A staff member is typically the person working on your helpdesk - they are the technician that require access to all features of HelpMaster.  A staff license is different from a client license (see below).

This means that you can install HelpMaster desktop on as many computers as you like, as long as the total number of people using HelpMaster at the same time does not exceed the number of licenses that you have purchased.  Licenses are used for both the Desktop edition of HelpMaster as well as the Staff Web Interface. (See the End user license agreement (EULA) for further details.

For example, if you purchase 3 licenses, this means that you can have 3 helpdesk staff using HelpMaster at the same time (whether logged onto the desktop edition, or via the web interface).  If a 4th person tries to logon while all 3 licenses are in use, they will be denied.  If then one of the 3 currently logged on staff members closes HelpMaster, or logs off, then their license will be freed and the other person can then log on.

concurrent floating licences

HelpMaster Client Self-service web interface

Clients can be permitted access to the helpdesk through the HelpMaster self-service web interface.

A client is typically the person that your helpdesk provides services/support to.  A client is the person that creates/logs a new support ticket with your organization for your Staff members to action.

Each client with access is allocated a CAL (client access license) when they are authorized by the administrator, or when they self register. Of course, when a client leaves, or no longer requires access, the CAL is free to be reused.


named licence

Other HelpMaster Modules

Other HelpMaster modules such as the Email Manager, Priority Manager, Active Directory, Job Monitor, Automation Service etc. are not subject to any licensing.  They are simply modules that perform work without consuming a concurrent staff license. 

SQL Server licenses

HelpMaster uses SQL Server 2008 or higher as the database platform.  SQL Server licenses are not provided with HelpMaster.  This means that you will need to own SQL Server, or use the free SQL Server express version to host your HelpMaster database.

For details on SQL licensing, please visit Microsoft at

Concurrent licensing?

"....The licensing model also deserves mention. HelpMaster's concurrent licensing model means we pay for what we use, not for what we could potentially use, but never do. Finally, a software vendor that understands its customers’ needs.

Keep up the great work PRD!"

Chris Deegan
IT Manager
Rutledge Engineering

Not sure?

If you have any questions about the licencing model for HelpMaster, please contact PRD Software.

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