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Convert email into helpdesk tickets  with the powerful Email Manager.  Create escalations and service level agreements with the Priority Manager and synchronize Active Directory users with HelpMaster clients. The ultimate service management experience.  Includes full access to all modules and features as well as the powerful developer API and custom AddIn manager.

HelpMaster has been designed to use a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008 database.  This enterprise database from Microsoft offers the absolute best in data integrity, performance and scalability. 

SQL Server licences are not included in the price of HelpMaster - these must be purchased from Microsoft.  Remember that you can always use the free SQL Server Express edition.


SQL Server Express, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014
SQL Server Express, 2005, 2008, 2012,2014
     Database size limit Unlimited Unlimited
     Full text searching Only if installed Only if installed
     Database management tools Only if installed Only if installed

The database and reports wizard allows you to create, update and administer your HelpMaster database and reports.  Use this to configure full-text searching, deploy reports and more.

Learn more about the Database and Reports Wizard


     Create and update HelpMaster databases
     Backup and restore databases
     Deploy and manage reports

The desktop edition is the core product in the HelpMaster suite.  Features full job / call logging and workflow as well as template manager, knowledge base, asset register, job queue, helpdesk explorer, system codes, custom fields and more.  Create ITIL-aligned workflow for incident, problem and change management.  Contains 130+ Crystal Reports as standard.

Learn more about HelpMaster Desktop


     ITIL-aligned workflow for incident, problem and change management
     Create job, action and email templates for powerful workflow
     Send HTML email
     Asset register
     Knowledge base
     Define client / site relationships
     Purge Data
     Attachments administration
     Client Merge
     Custom reports
     Custom .dll plug-in architechure
     Billing and invoicing

HelpMaster for the web.  Allow both staff (technicians) and clients to access the web version of HelpMaster.  The Web Interface contains everything you need to log, update and work with jobs.  Staff can view and update their job queue, and clients can logon to create and update their jobs, as well as accessing the on-line knowledge base.

Learn more about the HelpMaster Web Interface


     Staff can view, update and log jobs
     Staff can view and update knowledge base articles
     Staff helpdesk explorer (same as desktop)
     Log, update and send email via templates
     Asset register

Web based helpdesk for your clients.  Dramatically reduce calls to your helpdesk.  Allow your clients to create and update their own jobs.  Clients can also browse the on-line knowledge base and update their personal details.

Learn more about HelpMaster Web self-service


     Clients can view, log and update jobs
     Clients can view web-enabled knowledge base articles
     Clients can update their personal details
     Clients can view / update jobs for their peers

The job monitor keeps an eye on your job queue, even if you're not logged onto HelpMaster.  When a change in your job queue occurs, the Job Monitor will notify you.

Learn more about the HelpMaster Job Monitor


      Monitor personal job queues for each skillgroup
     Sound and pop-up alert notice for queue change

A powerful email automation tool.  Convert incoming email into helpdesk tickets.  Log, respond and completely manage the email flow of your helpdesk.  Provides a high level of client satisfaction, instant response and staff notification.  Fantastic ROI.

Learn more about the HelpMaster Email Manager


     Email Manager profiles 5 Unlimited
     Number of inboxes to scan 1 Unlimited
     Create custom filters for incoming email
     Automatically process email attachments
     Scan Exchange, Lotus Notes, Groupwise, Outlook, Hotmail, POP etc.
     Parse email content for values and store in variable to use in job update

Never miss another service level agreement (SLA).  Define powerful and flexible workflow rules and let the Priority Manager do the rest.  It will escalation,notify and process the job queues of your helpdesk.

More than just an SLA tool, the Priority Manager will become an invaluable tool in managing many aspects of your workflow.

Learn more about the HelpMaster Priority Manager


     Priority Manager profiles 5 Unlimited
     Create custom SQL workflow scan   
     Escalate overdue jobs
     Re-assign overdue jobs
     Email both client and staff upon a breach

Synchronize client data from your Microsoft Active Directory with your HelpMaster database.  Create or update a client in AD and have it automatically be created or updated in your helpdesk database.

Also provides automatic login for both the desktop and web interfaces.  If you're already logged into Windows, you'll never see a logon screen for HelpMaster.

Learn more about HelpMaster Active Directory


     Number of Active Directory profiles 1 Unlimited
     Automatic logon for desktop + web once authenticated via Windows
     Synchronize client data from Active Directory
     Create new, update existing or remove deleted users

Develop your own HelpMaster integration with the API (application programming interface).

Learn more about the HelpMaster API

     Log jobs
     Update jobs, close, modify etc
     Create, update actions
     Custom .dll plug-in architechure
Tech Support and Upgrade Assurance See Annual Maintenance Subscription See Annual Maintenance Subscription


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Technical support and upgrade assurance is priced separately.  See Annual Maintenance Subscription