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Towards 1000 - the millennial client
An update on and who is going to be #1000?

Running the Web Interface on Vista
Running the web on II7 (eg. Vista) requires a couple of small adjustments. Knowing these couple of tricks will make your life that much easier...

When a login page is not a login page
Where should you link to when the web is Active Directory enabled? The answer may surprise you...

Getting rid of those (de)bugsā€¦
The way your web interface is configured for debug may have a big impact on performance...

Putting the web to the test...
A newly discovered tool (Selenium) could greatly improve the testing of HelpMaster Pro

HelpMaster Pro release candidate
HelpMaster Pro release candidate

Running the web interface using a hosting provider...
Here is my adventure getting HelpMaster Pro web interface to run on an externally hosted website (ie, using a hosting company). There were a few gotchas to consider but we got there in the end...

Welcome to the world of webbed feat
Welcome to the world of webbed feat and my HelpMaster Pro blog!