Award winning helpdesk software from an award winning software development company

Right from it's very beginning, HelpMaster and PRD Software have been well-received into the helpdesk community.

In 1997 HelpMaster was a finalist in the Small Business Award for software excellence.

More recently in 2006, PRD Software won the ACT Chief Ministers award for export sales of HelpMaster.  After winning our local event out of a wide field, we went on the compete at the national level for the Export Awards.

In 2007, the Canberra Business Council featured PRD Software as a "Business Success Story".  Read the whole story.



Furthermore, a number of colleges, TAFEs and universities around the world have chosen HelpMaster as the helpdesk product to teach helpdesk and support courses.  This choice of academic institutions demonstrates that HelpMaster as a product is easy enough to setup and configure, has the functionality to demonstrate all of the major features of a modern helpdesk, as well as the ability for students to implement different helpdesk scenarios and workflows.


 In 2011 at the CeBIT conference in Sydney, PRD Software and HelpMaster was nominated for a business excellence award for the development of HelpMaster service management software.