Complaints Management makes a Company Great

Complaints management.  This is a tough job - an important job.

When people complain, they've got a bone to pick.  Whether the underlying issue real, imagined or petty, the complain IS real - to them.  It matters.  Listening, acknowledging and logging a "complaint job" is an important part of this process.   For both parties.

Remember that people who complain usually represent only the tip of the iceberg.  For every person that bothers to complain about something, statistically, there are many more that have suffered the same issue, and remained silent....or taken their business elsewhere.

tip of the iceberg

Treating each complaint as an opportunity to review, revise and improve servcie is an important part of every successful business.

How HelpMaster can help

Using software like HelpMaster can help your business manage and respond to complaints in a meaningful way.

  • Log all complaints into a shared database
  • Acknowledge and validate your customers concerns and feedback on your products and services
  • Feed this knowledge back into your strategic mangement processes and direction
  • Broadcast information to corportate staff member to raise awareness of issues
  • Treat all cusomter complaints as a first-class issue
  • Create a business culture of openness, responsiveness and approachability
  • Use software-based workflow to work through a process of remediation
  • Provide followup to concerned people.  Give them the royal treatment
  • Report on issues that are affecting your clients
  • Provide feedback to your shareholders, business owners and stakeholders about the nature of your business


Build Complaints management templates and workflow

HelpMaster features a powerful template system that allows a business to build processes and workflow around their complaints management procedures and policies. 

  • Create job templates to quickly log different types of complaint, or feedback.
  • Link action templates together to create a workflow of actions that must be completed before the job is resolved.
  • Compose email templates, or out-going correspondence letters that acknowledge the feedback and provide a mechanism for clients and customers to respond and engage your team.

Complaints Management email acknowledgement template

Give your customers a channel to communicate with your business

HelpMaster provides a business with a rich toolkit of features that can be used to implement a solid complaints and feedback system.  When customers receive a timely and professional response, your business reputation is enhanced.