Help desk software features at a glance

HelpMaster has a rich feature set that has been developed by years of community feedback and design.  Download a trial copy today so that you can configure HelpMaster to work in your organization for the following areas:


helpdesk software incident management

Incident Management

  • Log jobs quickly and easily via poweful job templates
  • Automatic ticket number generation
  • Notify clients and staff by email whenever an action is taken
  • Add file attachments, keywords or a photo to any helpdesk job
  • Access client or site call histories instantly
  • Track time, cost, cost codes for each action taken



helpdesk software problem management

Problem Management

  • Search the knowledge base for resolutions to known problems
  • When a job is open, search for similar jobs
  • When a job is open, search the knowledge base for articles with the same issue
  • Use reports to identify common problems
  • Link problems to incidents
  • Search the knowledge base for likely solutions to issues



helpdesk software knowledge management

Knowledge Management

  • Built-in HTML knowledge base
  • Full text searching keyword searching option
  • Integration with helpdesk jobs for faster job resolution
  • Articles can link to other relevant articles
  • Knowledge Base articles have a voting system for both staff and on-line viewers
  • Knowledge base articles can be published to the web for client self-service



helpdesk software service level agreements

Service Level Agreements 

  • Build custom escalation rules
  • Schedule the frequency of reoccuring escalation rules. Eg. Email every 2 hours after a job is overdue etc.
  • Build rules to automatically reclassify job codes according to organizational requirements
  • Increase / decrease the priority level of particular jobs
  • Re-assign jobs based on staff performance
  • Configure rules on only operation with "Office Time"


helpdesk software asset ci management

Asset / CI Management

  • Comprehensive asset information can be stored
  • Record complete service histories of each asset
  • Customize what asset information you need to track
  • Link assets to clients, helpdesk jobs and other assets
  • Automatically links assets to incidents or problems based on client
  • Track financial, warranty and depreciation details 



helpdesk software web self service

Web-based client self-service

  • Provide 24 x 7 support to your clients
  • Clients can log their own jobs, search the knowledge base & even close their own jobs
  • Staff can access their job queues from anywhere via a web browser
  • Client web interactivity is moderated via use of templates
  • Uses AJAX controls for speed and "Desktop" performance
  • Customize your web interface with your own company logo



helpdesk software email response management

Email Response Management

  • Automatically convert incoming support email into helpdesk jobs
  • Automatically update existing helpdesk jobs with incoming email details
  • Set "black-lists" to stop spam or other unwanted mail from being logged
  • Create rules to filter incoming email
  • Post-processing of email options include Move, Delete, Mark as read, Flag
  • Automatically email appropriate knowledge base articles



helpdesk software management reports


  • Over 140 management reports
  • Detail reports, statistical reports, trend reports, drill-through reports
  • Many reports contain graphs, charts or cross-tab objects
  • Reports can be customized with Crystal Reports
  • Custom reports
  • Export reports to Excel, text, database, .pdf and many other formats



helpdesk software text shortcuts

Text and formatting capabilities

  • Spell checking and thesaurus for all text fields (MS Office users only)s
  • HTML text
  • User preferences for text size, font, color
  • Auto text for commonly used acronymns and shortcuts
  • Field chooser to display different text files in every list
  • Dynamic edit and popup menus make text manipulation easy and fast