Go way beyond basic help desk ticketing

The basic function of all help desk software is the ticketing system.  HelpMaster has all the features to assist your team to log, track and manage all calls and support operations, and a whole lot more for when you're ready to move into process and workflow.

Use a modern, intuitive drag 'n drop interface and many time-saving features to get your work done.

Log tickets fast with pre-defined templates, then use the flexible workflow engine to classify, assign and resolve each job.


help desk ticket managment

Features include

  • Fast logging with templates
  • Job classification
  • Ticket linking - Parent and child jobs
  • Link multiple clients, assets
  • Assign and re-assign
  • Full text searching
  • Create custom job queues
  • .PDF attachment preview
  • Visual time-line
  • "Stop the clock" functionality
  • Full audit history for all changes
  • Hierarchical issue categorization
  • Job summary text
  • Option to use "Undefined" system codes
  • All dates and times are timezone aware
  • Hide tickets from the web / users
  • Auto-suggest appropriate knowledge base article
  • Create client alerts for VIPs
  • Client picture is displayed for updates
  • Quick help desk history for client, site, asset
  • Drag 'n drop linking for all entities
  • Hundreds of reports available
  • Build customer feedback surveys
  • Access helpdesk jobs via the web
  • Customize content with custom fields
  • Import tickets from other systems
  • Action / update multiple tickets at the same time
  • Link knowledge base articles to tickets
  • Sort, group and colour tickets
  • Drag 'n drop from email to log
  • Create "Saved searches" for quick lookup
  • Quick-pick customer selection
  • Full screen text entry and viewing
  • Quick knowledge base lookup
  • Action templates for quick updates
  • Print preview and quick reports
  • Age of ticket is calculated in office time
  • Fast ticket look-up
  • Overdue dates are clearly displayed
  • Validate text custom fields via regular expressions
  • Easy access "History" button to retrieve recently viewed tickets
  • Use Job Finder to search for tickets
  • Automation to create new tickets on a regular basis
  • HTML email notifications to staff and customers
  • Automatic notification to agents for updates, modifications and queue changes
  • Create workflow for individual ticket types
  • Escalate and automate
  • Update tickets via email
  • Fast text, auto-correct, spell check
  • Customizable field chooser
  • Drag 'n drop attachments
  • Sync reminders with Outlook
  • Belong to multiple skillgroups
  • Customizable audit log
  • Time tracking and billing
  • Flag jobs with colour-codes
  • Automatic notification for ticket updates
  • Export tickets quickly to Excel
  • Assign to specific staff members, or skillgroups
  • Use workflow to define a process
  • Helpdesk history is one click away
  • Link assets and equipment to tickets
  • Context notification panel display context information
  • Create "Private" updates and notes
  • Full template statistic usage is captured and displayed

See HelpMaster help desk software in action

The best way to see all of these features in action is to evaluate HelpMaster for yourself.

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helpdesk ticket managment


Call logging is just the beginning!

Of course, logging a new ticket is only just the beginning.  Once a ticket has been logged, it then becomes part of your process life-cycle.  This is where concepts like Workflow, Notification, Escalation, Queue Management and other service management concepts come into play.

HelpMaster will scale with your business requirements and needs.  As your teams grows, and your processes mature, HelpMaster provides the features and functions to grow with you.