Helpdesk reports

Help desk reports, metrics and KPIs

HelpMaster ships with over 120 different reports to cover all of your help-desk and service management needs.  Some are detailed reports - displaying all aspects of an incident or problem, others are statistical in nature - showing trends and "what ifs?".  Whatever you wish to report on, the chances are HelpMaster contains a report that answers your question, or comes close to it.

Many reports contain both text and graphical information and can be printed, exported to Excel, text, pdf or other formats for further analysis, or even saved as a custom report that you can enhance and modify. 

helpdesk reports

Report technology

All of the reports that ship with HelpMaster are created using the award-winning, industry standard Crystal Reports.  This means that if you currently have a copy of Crystal Reports, you can create and modify existing reports to meet your exact business requirements.  The HelpMaster database contains all of the reporting views and queries, already pre-made, so all you have to do in most cases is simply point Crystal Reports to a view, and then format the report to how you want it.

HelpMaster also has a database dictionary to assist your developers and report writer to get up to speed quickly with the database structure and design.

Want more reports?

The HelpMaster report selector screen has the ability to run any custom Crystal Report that you can create.  This means that if you have in-house skills in Crystal Reports, your report writers can use our comprehensive database dictionary to create new helpdesk and service management reports.  Once a report has been written, all you need to do is copy it into the "custom reports" folder, and HelpMaster will automatically display your new report in the list of available custom reports.  Easy!

Of course, if you need help with reporting, or would like to have custom reports created to meet your specific business requirements, our professional report writing service can help.


Get these help desk reports

Statistical Reports

  • New Jobs logged or Closed
  • Per hour
  • Per day
  • Per week
  • Per month
  • Per quarter
  • Per year
  • Per Staff member
  • Per Skill group
  • Category Grouping Count

Detailed Reports

  • Full job report
  • Full job report Asset details
  • Client history reports
  • Site history reports
  • Monthly Action log reports financials

Service Level Agreement Reports

  • Hours to close job vs Closed by
  • Hours to close job vs Job Type
  • Hours to close job vs Priority
  • Days to close job vs Priority
  • Days to close job vs Job Type
  • Days to close job vs Closed by
  • Client Job History with SLA Dates
  • Site Job History with SLA Dates

Time Distribution (trend analysis) Reports

  • 12 week overview. Job type Skill group
  • 6 month overview. Job type Skill group
  • Time distribution grouped by Closed by
  • Time distribution grouped by Contact type
  • Time distribution grouped by Job Type
  • Time distribution grouped by Priority
  • Time distribution grouped by Logged by

Client Reports

  • Detail reports
  • Single line reports
  • Address reports

Job Summary Reports

  • Single line reports
  • Age of job reports
  • Client Job description reports
  • Time and cost charts reports
  • Jobs grouped by Site

Category Comparison Reports

  • Job category overview
  • Job status vs Assigned to Cross-tab
  • Job Status vs Job Type Cross-tab
  • Job Type vs Assigned to Cross-tab
  • Priority vs Job Status Cross-tab
  • Priority vs Job Type Cross-tab

“Top 10” Reports

  • Top job issues
  • Top clients for logging jobs
  • Top sites for logging jobs
  • Top job types

Asset Reports

  • Detail reports
  • Single line reports
  • Helpdesk History reports
  • Client ownership reports