Why web-based self-service is good for the help desk

Web-based client self-service works.

It gives clients a 24x7 interface to your support channel where they can find solutions to their issues without having to call the helpdesk.  If they cannot find what they are looking for, then they can log their own support request without the need of a helpdesk operator.

A web-based support channel also enhances the communication between your company and your customers.  When helpdesk staff update a job, clients can be automatically notified by email.  By then logging into the support portal, they can see what has changed and what to do next.

One of the challenges of any helpdesk is being able to capture the right kind of incident data at the time the incident is logged.  The HelpMaster web interface makes this process easy by providing mandatory fields that the client must fill in before the job can be logged.  This means that every job that get logged via the web is complete and contains all of the information your helpdesk requires to do start working on a job.

The whole job logging process is quick and easy due to the use of pre-made job templates.  By using the desktop edition of HelpMaster, administrators simply configure any number of job templates, mark them as "web-enabled" and they will automatically appear on the client web portal the next time the client logs on.


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Helpdesk benefits

  1. Clients can log, update and modify their own jobs
  2. Clients can browse, search and provide feedback on web-based knowledge base articles
  3. Clients can contact the helpdesk at any time and from anywhere, not just when the helpdesk is open
  4. Clients have greater visibility into their support requests
  5. The more clients can help themseleves, the less your helpdesk has to do it