What type of businesses use help desk software?

HelpMaster is currently being used by many businesses in many industries.  Here's a few.

Government agencies

Government agencies often have a centralized, IT helpdesk, or service desk that is a single point of contact (SPOC) for IT issues and services.  Such helpdesks and services desks are often aligned to best-practice service delivery frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, MOM, Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) and others.  These framework form the basis for incident management, problem management, change management, continuous improvement, scalability and availability requirements.  In order to bind these disciplines together, many such government agencies use HelpMaster as the software solution.

Larger departments will often have smaller, de-centralized helpdesks, or service points that cater for dedicate service requests.  In addition to a traditional IT helpdesk, organizations may have a service desk that looks at broader ITSM (IT service Management), Facilities Management for building and property maintenance, Complaints Management, Customer Relationship Management.  Where several de-centralized helpdesks / work-groups are present, the business can opt to use a partitioned, or multi-tenanted version of HelpMaster (meaning that there is one installation and database that is shared), or install multiple versions/databases to keep configuration and use separate.


Health care and Aged Care

Health care facilities and aged care facilities require a high level of regulatory and legislative compliance.  Equipment, assets, machinery, rooms, and component all need to be checked, services and maintained.  Of course when such equipment has issues, the resulting service desk / helpdesk request also need to be logged, tracked and managed.  This is where the logging, tracking and helpdesk history features of HelpMaster can assist.  By scheduling recurring maintenance tasks and assigning a dedicated workflow to each asset type, a business can take pro-active action to ensure that the equipment is maintained and achieve operational and legislative compliance.  The reporting features of HelpMaster helpdesk software can assist facilities managers of issues, recurring failures and unattended faults.

HelpMaster is currently used by many health care and aged care facilities around the world.

Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Managed Service Providers (MSP), offer and deliver information technology services and support to businesses that do not have an internal IT department, or who wish to outsource this business service to an external company.  MSPs use HelpMaster helpdesk software to log, track and manage IT related tasks for their clients.


Education -  schools, universities, TAFEs, CITs etc.

Educational institutions of all types have very busy IT demands and a constant stream of things to do.  HelpMaster shines in these areas.



  • High student numbers, high turn-over rate of "clients"
  • Supporting a very-large number of different devices.  Some schools issue a laptop/computer/device per student.  These are in constant need of helpdesk / technical attention
  • Students submitting "helpdesk" calls at the end of lunch, or into class time.


  • Staff are supporting a wide-range of technical environments
  • Distance between work-sites is often an issue.  Geographically distributed campus can require travel, remote access and effective time management
  • Staff often need to divide their time between supporting other staff and teachers, and the students
  • Support at a school can often be a broad mix of helpdesk, facilities management, training, service delivery and faculty administration


Implement the client-web self-service module.  Students (and staff) can log-on via the web from anywhere and log a new ticket, or check on the status of an existing ticket.  Many schools often have some sort of intranet in existence (Sharepoint, CMS, custom etc).  By building custom web-forms into an existing intranet, or internet website, staff and students can fill in details of service requests, room bookings, loan materials etc.  This information is either logged directly into HelpMaster via custom API development, or emailed to the Email Manager where the details of the job are scanned, filtered, parsed and created as a job.


Small Business


Small business need to find a way to out-perform bigger companies and a competitive environment.  To do more, with less.  So many small companies are "punching above their weight" in terms of performance, competitiveness, quality, customer service and inventiveness.  However this can come at a cost.  Business owners often work hard and long, and much time is devoted to reporting and analysis and trying to determine who is working on what, and where can the business be improved, or refined.


HelpMaster gives small business owners a powerful business tool.  By logging each task, or job, for both customers and internal jobs, a small business can gain an competitive advantage by understanding and optimizing their daily processes.

  • Customers get the service they deserve - nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Business owners can easily see what their staff are up to - and report on employees performance and workload
  • Business knowledge can be documented via the knowledge base system