Email Response Management

The HelpMaster Email Manager is the most powerful and flexible email response management solution in the industry.  It works with just about every email system and can scan multiple email folders - not just the inbox.

Profiles are created to target specific email response management scenarios, and jobs are logged via the job template system to create truly dynamic service management workflows.  Target specific keywords in the incoming email.



Each profile can match the incoming email address with a client in your database.  If not found, the client can be automatically added, or linked to an existing site.



Create powerful text-extraction rules via the Email Manager parser.  Perfect for on-line forms, network monitoring tools that send formatting text etc.


email parser


Allows clients to update tickets just by responding to email.  This saves times for everyone, and ensures that your helpdesk communication channel is always working.


email response management job lifecycle workflow


The Email Manager is a powerful component of the HelpMaster suite.  Download today to see how easy and powerful email response management can work for you.