Working at the front line of the helpdesk

The front-line of any customer service channel is a busy place to be.  The phone is ringing, the email keeps coming, and the pace is relentless.  Your clients need answers, and you are the one they turn to.

Without the correct tool, the first point of contact for a helpdesk is a place where you can easily be overwhelmed.  That’s why you need a customer support solution that will put you in control of the helpdesk and help you to manage the constant work demands of the position.

HelpMaster allows 1st line helpdesk technicians to manage all aspects of the front-line.

Listed below are just some of the features supported in HelpMaster that are particularly useful to those working at the front line of a helpdesk.

  • Fast job logging based on templates
  • Knowledge-base lookup for quick access to answers and solutions
  • Easy drag and drop email to ticket conversion
  • Total visibility into the job life-cycle
  • Fast ticket re-assignment that can be based on skills, availability, or automatically assigned
  • Instant notification to other staff members and teams for incident and problem records
  • Link similar jobs and tickets together
  • Searching for previous solutions to an incident
  • Reporting on how many jobs you’ve logged vs how many jobs were closed at the front line



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