2nd line helpdesk operators

The second-line of a help desk is a place where technical competence meets customer relations.  Incidents, jobs and tasks are typically assigned to the second line of a help desk because they cannot be resolved at the initial point of contact. A second-level service-desk technician should have a high level of technical knowledge about the systems, processes and operating environment of the user.  Moreover, this member of the team has the ability to execute and carry out the required technical work in order to bring about a resolution to the initial issue.

The second level of a service desk communicates closely with the front-line.  This is typically done verbally, via software, or email/chat.  Communication between these 2 levels is a vital part of delivering a solid service to the rest of the business.

Typical service-desk software functions required for a second-level agent

A second-level service desk agent  typically requires the following features in their help desk software:

  • Finding solutions from previous cases using the Knowledge Base
  • Working the life-cycle of a help desk incident
  • Adding actions items to a job
  • Linking similar jobs together
  • Actioning multiple jobs at once
  • Adding further information and items (Assets, configuration items, clients, etc) to the initial job definition
  • Closing jobs
  • Re-assigning jobs
  • Responding to client queries

HelpMaster allows the 2nd line help desk operator to do all of the things listed above in an integrated, easy-to-use interface.


kcs knowledge base


Queue Management

Prioritizing and triaging an incident, or problem queue is a main concern for any service technician.  HelpMaster has many features to support queue management, so that the technician can focus on fixing things, rather than battling with software, or a ticketing system.

Once a job is logged, classified and assigned to a technician, or the group that they belong to, it will become visible in their help-desk queue.  From here, the agent can use the tools within HelpMaster to gather and collect the necessary information required to resolve the issue, or escalate it further to an appropriate team, or person.


helpdesk job queue management assignment