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Vista explorer.exe CPU 100% problem
What to do when your Vista machine's CPU runs at 100%

How is the new website going?
Some basic stats on the rise and rise of the

2007 - The year in review.
11111010111 was another good year for PRD Software. He's my brief re-cap of what happened.

Running the Web Interface on Vista
Running the web on II7 (eg. Vista) requires a couple of small adjustments. Knowing these couple of tricks will make your life that much easier...

If ITIL is the answer, what's the question!?
There's a lot of talk about ITIL in the industry at the moment and it seems as if ITIL has all the answers for better service delivery and management...but what's the question?

Hey DBA, how are those maintenance plans going?
Database maintenance is vital for keeping your HelpMaster Pro database working at it's peak. When was the last time you did some basic maintenance on your SQL Server database?

When a login page is not a login page
Where should you link to when the web is Active Directory enabled? The answer may surprise you...

Getting rid of those (de)bugs…
The way your web interface is configured for debug may have a big impact on performance...

PRD Software gets a visit from the Microsoft Regional MSDN Director
Last week Adam Cogan from dropped in for a quick visit...and an impromptu code review.