Product roadmap

HelpMaster is never finished - we've got too many "wish list items" to develop and too many good ideas for product development.

That's why the the development team here at PRD are always busy implementing new ideas and product suggestions.

Here's what we have in store for future releases of HelpMaster. 

Green = we've done it.  The feature is complete and ready to go.  It will be in the next release.
Black = we're still working on it, or it may appear in a later release

Have you got a good HelpMaster suggestion?  Post it in the HelpMaster "Wish list" on the discussion board.

Features planned for a future release

  • Re-written emailing for better IMAP, SMTP and web-mail options, including full authentication and encryption Version 15
  • Groups of custom fields
  • "Scope" control, for better multi-tennency
  • Re-vamped "History" menus with better formatting and context Version 16
  • New business objects for workflow and process design
  • Upgraded controls for text control - better interface
  • Recurring Reports runner and scheduler.  Set a schedule, pick a report and a delivery mechanism
  • Ability to select the site for a job, rather than just a client
  • A dedicated "Close job" screen
  • Improvements to the job finder
  • Improvements to the text/HTML editor
  • HTML / Rich text for jobs/actions
  • More options for custom import
  • More KCS / Knowledge base improvements
  • A LiveFeed notice window that displays all system events
  • Improvements to the Welcome screen, Messaging, Client and Site alerts
  • Proactive + Reactive alerts and triggers
  • Further improvements to the knowledge base and implementing more KCS principles
Don't see something you want?  Please let us know.  We only develop what our clients tell us they want.

Current Version is 16.12.8

Released :  14 December 2016

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