Why choose HelpMaster helpdesk software?

Service management and helpdesk software is our business - that's all we do, and we are dedicated to creating the best value, fully functional helpdesk software on the market.

Choosing an appropriate solution for your helpdesk is a serious responsibility.  There are many products on the market today that provide support desk functionality, and all claim to be the right solution for you.

Listed below are several key areas where we believe that HelpMaster is an outstanding solution worthy of your consideration. PRD Software has been analyzing the helpdesk software market for over 20 years and during this time have gained a solid appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses of competing products.


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Complete service management - one product suite

HelpMaster is a multi-faceted product suite that is designed to maximize both the availability and functionality of your information, no matter how you do business with your clients and staff. Whatever entry point you have into your support channel, HelpMaster can handle it.
Included in the HelpMaster family suite are:

Product maturity and  worldwide use across diverse industry

HelpMaster is a mature product. Since it’s first release back in 1995, HelpMaster has been continually refined as the result of real-life exposure to hundreds of helpdesks and service centers around the world. This means that HelpMaster has many proven and refined features to run a complex support centre. 

Check out the rich feature set in the range of helpdesk features.

Outstanding return on investment (ROI)

HelpMaster boasts an impressive list of advanced job workflow features that will improve your business productivity and provide an outstanding return on investment (ROI).  When you raise the efficiency of your staff, your internal helpdesk processes and your management, you automatically start recovering the financial outlay of any software application that assisted in such change.  HelpMaster will positively affect your business right across the board, and this cannot help but to improve the bottom line.

A unique, template-based approach to service management

Service management is best performed under well defined, well documented procedures and workflow.  This is where HelpMaster shines.  It has a unique template system that allows you to create common workflow procedures and then use these template to perform your work in the same way, saving time, and providing a consistent result.
Only HelpMaster has a 3-tier template system that comprises, job, action and email functionality.
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ITIL Compliance

For organizations utilizing the ITIL framework, HelpMaster is easily configured to support

and other ITIL processes.  Using the elegant template system within HelpMaster, different sections of the same organization can build custom templates, workflows and processes that map to their individual needs. 

Enterprise database architecture delivers superior stability and performance

HelpMaster is optimized to use the full power of the Microsoft SQL Server database. Unlike other products that “water down” their database code and database architecture to suite a diverse range of different databases, HelpMaster was designed and optimized exclusively for the Microsoft SQL Server database platform. This means that you get a product that will out-perform, out-scale and out-feature other products.  Furthermore, the advanced reporting query system built in to the HelpMaster database means that you can quickly design, build and publish custom reports without the need for expert database administrators.

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Like to know more?

If you would like to discuss any aspect of HelpMaster, or why we believe that it is an outstanding solution for your helpdesk, please contact PRD Software or one of our worldwide resellers and ask to speak with any one of our sales, technical support, or software development staff and we will be happy to discuss this with you.


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Testimonial for HelpMaster as an IT Helpdesk system

"Two years ago we were searching for an enterprise grade helpdesk software solution. After evaluating a multitude of other applications, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon HelpMaster. We were immediately overwhelmed by the elegance of the application in its flexibility, capability, feature set and reliability. It is well designed, well written and is greasing the wheels of our customer support operations every single day.

Since ditching our old legacy helpdesk software I have had the pleasure of not receiving a single phone call about problems with helpdesk software. HelpMaster has operated flawlessly for two years now. What is more amazing is the support – when we have operational questions or are seeking new features, PRD software listen and respond. This is the first time I have witnessed the perfect customer/vendor relationship in my 15 years in IT.

The licensing model also deserves mention. HelpMaster's concurrent licensing model means we pay for what we use, not for what we could potentially use, but never do. Finally, a software vendor that understands its customers’ needs.

Keep up the great work PRD!"

Chris Deegan
IT Manager
Rutledge Engineering


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We've been encouraging people to email their requests rather than phoning them in. In 2004 about 5% of requests were email. Now email requests make up just over 40% of total requests....

[The HelpMaster] Email Manager was introduced to log new jobs and update existing jobs automatically. This is doing the work of an extra staff member.

- Quote from a client using the Email Manager (excerpt from the Email Manager discussion board)


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The City of Yarra has now been using HelpMaster for the past three years. During this time we have used HelpMaster to log our Help Desk calls, Assets and Service Call Outs. Since we have been using HelpMaster our service level and asset registration has improved 100%. In our last Council wide satisfaction survey the IS Help Desk was rated in the top 3 units for customer satisfaction. This is due to our monitored service levels, reminder e-mails of overdue jobs and e-mail notification to staff members that their jobs have been logged, worked on and then closed. Keeping the customer informed of all actions has been a major benefit to the IS Help Desk. We owe a lot of credit to HelpMaster for turning our call IS Help Desk around and giving customers the confidence in our call centre.

Stephen Peatling - Australia
IS Operations & Telecommunications Co-ordinator Information Services Branch
City of Yarra - Collingwood Office