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Help your customers to help themselves

Request support and services

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IT, Human Resources, Facilities Management

Web Self-Service Support and Request Fulfillment

Dramatically reduce support calls to your helpdesk by allowing clients to log, view and update their own help desk issues.  With the HelpMaster web portal, your helpdesk is always online, and ready to work.

Give your customers, clients and staff the ability to...

  • Log a new support job
  • Update an existing support job
  • Request a service
  • Close an existing support job
  • Check on the progress of their support jobs
  • Check on the progress of a colleagues support job
  • Browse and search the knowledge base

all via the web from anywhere in the world, ...and without having to call the help desk!


service desk web portal


A support portal for your clients - a web-helpdesk for your staff

The HelpMaster web interface is more than just a web portal for your clients to use.  Think of it as the HelpMaster desktop edition for the web!  This means that the full job logging and workflow power of the desktop edition is also available for your helpdesk staff to use wherever they have an internet connection.

By validating each user login, the HelpMaster web interface will present a different view of the application depending on what type of person just logged in.  If a client of your help desk logs in, then they get the "client view" - a simplified overview of their jobs and a streamlined, job logging system.

On the other hand, if a staff member logs in, they get the full power of the desktop edition with complete access to all job functionality and help-desk visibility.


Enterprise Service Management Request Portal

Allow staff and customers of the business to log, track and manage their own requests via the web portal.

Design and build a customized web portal that groups different request templates into top-level groupings.

Users of the web portal simply select from the top-level "Request Catalogs", and then log a specify job type with your team. 

web request portal for self service


More than just an incident logging and tracking tool

In addition to allowing your clients to log and track their support requests on-line, the web module also allows your web visitors to browse your on-line knowledge base articles - without any logon or registration procedure.  By simply marking your internal knowledge base articles as "web enabled", anyone browsing your website can gain full access to your knowledge base information.

online knowledge base for client self-service