Request Fulfillment and Self-Service

Request fulfillment is the ability of the business to respond to the needs of its clients and customers.  Customers can "request" things of the business, or simply provide feedback, or submit a "ticket" (typically via a web portal) for the following:

  • Request a business service, a piece of equipment, or a support ticket
  • Request a IT function
  • Request for information
  • Lodge a complaint, feedback or other information
  • Log a technical support issue
  • Request maintenance on equipment, assets or other items

Staff and clients of the business will typically access the request catalog via the web portal where they can drill-down into each category until they find the service/request that that are looking for.

web portal for request fulfillment

Service Request management can be used for many aspects of a business. 

  • IT Helpdesk
  • ITSM Service Desk
  • Facilities Management
  • Public-facing web portals for local council and government agencies
  • Human Resources and Personnel
  • Feedback and Complaints Management
  • Stores and Inventory
  • Workshop and Repairs
  • Legal and Financial services

Multi-stage service-request fulfillment

An initial request by a staff or customer often involves a series of inter-connected steps, or even processes that may be handled by one or more persons, or teams.  Complex requests or processes, may even require project management, change and/or financial approval, and more.  Sometimes it is necessary to log and link other jobs/tickets to the original request in order to manage the request. A typical example of this is when a piece of equipment is requested by someone.  The first process is to get the equipment approved, while the second would be to source the equipment, install and configure it.  This is often implemented as 2 separate parts of the original request, and handled by different teams.

HelpMaster  allows you to map your business processes into a series of workflow steps that will guide your team through every stage of the workflow.

Request Fulfillment workflow


The search for IT Help desk support software...

Two years ago we were searching for an enterprise grade help desk software solution. After evaluating a multitude of other applications, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon HelpMaster.  We were immediately overwhelmed by the elegance of the application in its flexibility, capability, feature set and reliability. It is well designed, and well written...

Chris Deegan

IT Manager - Rutledge Engineering