ITSM for Education

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Log, track and manage issues for IT Service Management

Provide a Request portal for staff and students

Proactively schedule facilities maintenance tasks

Education - Schools and Universities

Educational institutions of all types have very busy IT demands and are often operating in an environment where there is a solid mix of legacy and new equipment and technology.  Geographically separate campuses add complexity to operations, and highly transient student and staffing environment adds to the challenges of the educational IT worker.



  • High student numbers, high turn-over rate of "clients"
  • Supporting a very-large number of different devices.  Schools are increasingly dealing with multiple laptop/computer/device per student.  These are in constant need of helpdesk / technical attention
  • Students submitting "helpdesk" calls at the end of lunch, or into class time
  • Time-sensitive technical challenges


  • Staff are supporting a wide-range of technical environments
  • Distance between work-sites is often an issue.  Geographically distributed campus can require travel, remote access and effective time management
  • Staff often need to divide their time between supporting other staff and teachers, and the students
  • Support at a school can often be a broad mix of helpdesk, facilities management, training, service delivery and faculty administration


Implement the client-web self-service module.  Students (and staff) can log-on via the web from anywhere and log a new ticket, or check on the status of an existing ticket.  Many schools often have some sort of intranet in existence (Sharepoint, CMS, custom etc).  By building custom web-forms into an existing intranet, or internet website, staff and students can fill in details of service requests, room bookings, loan materials etc.  This information is either logged directly into HelpMaster via custom API development, or emailed to the Email Manager where the details of the job are scanned, filtered, parsed and created as a job.

IT Helpdesk and Service Desk

Helpdesk, service desk, ITSM best practice for incident, problem, knowledge and change management

Feedback and Complaints

Capture, classify and respond to feedback, complaints and other input from your staff, students and partners

Facilities Management

Log and track facilities management issues for campus buildings, gardens, student amenities and accommodation. Give staff and students a portal to log issues.

Accident and Incident reporting

Provide a web portal for reporting accidents, incidents and near-misses on campus. Build workflow to ensure your processes are being followed correctly

Human Resources

Configure process and workflow for new starters, terminations, salary information, leave requests, student loans and enrollments

Student Services

Provide a web portal where students and parents can check the latest news, submit feedback, technical issues, lodge complaints or other issues