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Small Business and SME Software

Small businesses are the engine room of a national economy.  The place where real work get done by the most inspired and hard-working people and teams.  So many small businesses are "punching above their weight" in terms of performance, competitiveness, quality, customer service and inventiveness.  However this can come at a cost.  Business owners often work hard and long, and much time is devoted to reporting and analysis and trying to determine who is working on what, and where can the business be improved, or refined.

Due to the financial pressure on small business, owners and workers often rely on manual systems, free-software, or "make-do" solutions for a range of business functions.  Spreadsheets, documents, post-it notes, home-grown solutions and the like are often seen in the small business environment.  While such tools, systems and process have their place, there are common aspects of any business that can really benefit from purpose-built software, which is where HelpMaster fits in.

How HelpMaster can help a small business

HelpMaster gives small businesses a powerful tool that can cover a range of standard business needs such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales tracking and lead development
  • Support and service tracking and managing
  • Tracking tasks, jobs, "to do lists", work requests
  • Statistics and reports on work levels, staffing efficiencies, customer satisfaction
  • Software bug tracking

One of the best things any business can do is plan, design and structure their procedural operations in such a way that they are repeatable, measurable and are able to be reviewed, improved and documented.  Repeatable process and workflow are vital business concepts that will reduce costs, drive efficiency through consistency, and this will lead to increased customer satisfaction and overall operational efficiency.  This is exactly why HelpMaster has been developed.

Small business best practice workflow

Maturing small business develop successful patterns of operation, and this translates into procedural workflow.

By logging each task, or job, for both customers and internal jobs, a small business can gain an competitive advantage by understanding and optimizing their daily processes.

  • Customers get the service they deserve - nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Business owners can easily see what their staff are up to - and report on employees performance and workload
  • Business knowledge can be documented via the knowledge base system

Best practice workflow practices and automation

Small business can benefit from the same best-practice patterns that larger business leverage for all sorts of of operations.  For example, the principles of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) scale to any sized organization.  Small business benefit equally well from considering the strategic, operational, and continual service improvement (CSI) components that ITIL speaks of.


Realize your business potential

HelpMaster loves small business!  Contact us today and let us demonstrate to you how HelpMaster can help your business in so many ways.  You'll be thrilled at the possibilities and potential you can realize through a combination of best-practice service management, powerful software, and great product support.