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Digitizing Human Resources

Human Resource departments play a key role in a business or organization regardless of its size.  HR / personnel is concerned with overseeing various aspects of human resource management such as employment, employee benefits, recruitment, pay, employee grievances, performance issues, training, skills development and more.

Human Resources has strong links with other parts of the business, and utilizes strong workflow and processes in order to achieve results.  The relationship between HR and the IT department is increasingly becoming a strategic and necessary process as new starters (as well as employee terminations) are handed over to the IT team for processing.

Often, such things will require a multi-stage approach to request fulfillment, as different teams/departments fulfill their part of the request before handing it over to another team for completion.  A good example of this is a new starter that requires processing by the HR department, then by the IT department, and possibly by Facilities Management personnel.
HelpMaster's workflow make such processes easy.

Human Resources workflow with ITSM and Facilities Management

This is where HelpMaster can really help with developing workflows and processes that will streamline the process of on-boarding a new starter, or similarly, processing a termination.  Each step of the process can be logged, tracked, classified and reported on.  This ensures that nothing slips through the cracks or is forgotten.

Give employees a web portal to request HR services

Human Resources also benefits greatly from a web-based self-service portal that staff can use to request the following:

  • Build workflow for on-boarding new employees
  • Manage the process for terminations, leave and dismissals
  • Leave questions / Applying for leave
  • Pay Enquiries / Disputes / Updates
  • Requesting staffing resources
  • Lodge staff grievances, workplace feedback and suggestion
  • Request IT equipment, training and resources

A web portal for requesting support and services from HR will streamline the entire process, reduce costs, improve visibility and trace-ability as well as defining a clear channel of communication between human resources and the rest of the business.

Human Resources Web Portal for staff requests


Human Resources Complaints, Feedback and requests

HR is one of those business areas that receive a lot of staff feedback, complaints, and requests for information.  A personnel department typically gets the following types of feedback / complaints and enquiries:

  • Grievance regarding pay, leave, working conditions, workplace harassment etc
  • Disciplinary enquiries
  • Employment Tribunal enquiries
  • Long Term Sick Leave requests and enquiries
  • Absence Management issues
  • Performance Management
  • Occupational Health and safety enquiries
  • Flexible Working conditions and requests for review
  • Apprentice Development and skills development and training

Each one of these interactions is an opportunity to log, track and manage the case in a formal and optimized manner.  HelpMaster gives you the tools in order to receive, track and manage such requests.