Software bug tracking

Catch the bugs!

Fix the bugs

Release the bugs ;-)

Software development bug tracker

Give your team the tools they need to log, track and manage software issues. 

All software has issues and bugs.  The best way to fight back against the bugs is to track them, log them, document them, fix them, test them, and then release.

Tracking software bugs

HelpMaster makes an excellent software bug tracking tool, with capabilities that software development teams can use to improve the quality of their software.

  • Prioritize
  • Classify
  • Build a workflow for software development
  • Build a workflow for software testing
  • Build a workflow for release management
  • Convert user bug reports, or support cases into software development tasks

When support calls become bugs

For software companies, or businesses that operate a customer helpdesk for software that they develop, the link between the helpdesk and the software developers is very close.   This is where the similarities between logging a support incident, and logging a software fault play right into the feature-set of HelpMaster.  Often-times, the support call is the first indication that there is a bug in the software.

Software bug tracker and workflow

Using the same powerful workflow engine that runs your helpdesk, you can easily morph the support case into a software development bug report for your dev team.  When such a transition is required, a support rep will simply adjust the support ticket to add the "software bug" forms to capture specific software and operating and then assign it to the development team for action.

Build workflow for your software development life-cycle (SDLC)

The workflow engine in HelpMaster can support a wide-range of software development process flow.  Using the code-less workflow designer, you can develop any number of custom work-flows that map to your existing development methodologies and support processes.

Unlike software development itself, you won't need to use any code!  Just drag 'n drop the workflow objects onto the workflow canvas, set some properties, and connect the objects together.

Workflow for software devops

Create job templates for software bugs, or support issues, and associate the relevant workflow process.  This will ensure that each job is handled in a consistent and defined manner.

Enterprise Service Management

Don't stop at bug tracking and related tech support issues. HelpMaster can be used for a range of business units.

IT Helpdesk and Service Desk

Helpdesk, service desk, ITSM best practice for incident, problem, knowledge and change management.

Feedback and Complaints

Capture, classify and respond to feedback, complaints and other input from your staff, clients and partners

Facilities Management

Schools, Offices, Hospitals, Strata and real-estate, Parks and gardens, Factories, and general building maintenance

Accident and Incident reporting

Provide a web portal for reporting accidents, incidents and near-misses. Build workflow to ensure your processes are being followed correctly

Human Resources

Configure process and workflow for new starters, terminations, salary information, leave requests, allowance requests and more

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Get to know your customers. Capture information, send email, track with workflow and sales processes

Software bug tracking

Log, track and manage software bugs. Build workflow to classify, triage, document and assign to the devs, testing and release personnel

Business Workflow and Process Automation

Configure powerful workflow and processes using an intuitive workflow designer. Drag 'n drop. No coding required

Issue and Job Tracking

Log and track anything! Great for general business "to do" lists, project management, queue management and staff workload balancing