Helpdesk configuration health check

Have you ever wondered if you have HelpMaster configured in the best possible way?  Ever wondered if you are getting the most out of each module, the templates, or the reports?  Would you like to know to what extent each user of HelpMaster has personalized and is making use of specific features?

If so, the HelpMaster database analysis is a great way to understand these issues.

Let us do a thorough analysis of your database and provide you with the results.  Our database analysis service is a great way to gain insight into your helpdesk practices, HelpMaster configuration and overall health of your service desk.  Get a 25 page report that identifies over 100 individual database, helpdesk and service metrics.

Whether you're using HelpMaster for simple helpdesk ticketing, or for a more complex ITIL-based implementation, a HelpMaster database analysis will give you the right information and metrics to learn, grow and improve your configuration and alignment to business practices and objectives.

What we need

In order to perform the database analysis, we need a copy of your HelpMaster database.  This is easily performed via the SQL Server backup utility.  If privacy is a concern, we can send you a script that you can run against your backup database to blank out any sensitive data.  This includes client and customer names and all data, job details, action log history and details, server details etc.  You have full control over what gets sent.

What you get

You get a 25 page report that covers all major aspects of HelpMaster configuration, covering all modules and core features.  Each section will give specific metrics, along with detailed, specific notes and recommendations.

helpdesk database analysis and review

Each recommendation is tailored to your environment - not just a generic comment or suggestion.  In many cases, the recommendation will be something that you can implement immediately to improve the configuration and efficiency of your HelpMaster operating environment.

Report topics include:

  • Licence and module usage
  • Feature utilization, including personal feature usage
  • Template construction, subscription and design
  • Web delivery
  • ITIL process analysis for Incident, Problem, Change
  • Database metrics and SQL Server best-practice analysis
  • Top 20 system code design and usage
  • Automation utilization. 
  • Escalation and SLA utilization
  • Old and redundant code analysis
  • Custom data analysis
  • Staff, skillgroup and job partitioning analysis
  • and more

How much?

The complete database analysis is AU$650, and will be ready within 2 business days of receiving your order and database.  Contact PRD Software to request your HelpMaster database analysis.