Useful Support links for HelpMaster

Below are some links and resources that you may find helpful in supporting your installation and configuration of HelpMaster.

HelpMaster remote desktop support module

Download the TeamViewer remote desktop support module.  Once installed on your machine, a HelpMaster support technician will be able to remotely connect to your machine and assist you with technical support. 

All remote connections are controlled by you and are UserID/Password protected.  You can control the meeting and stop it at any time.

Remote connection software is provided via

Microsoft SQL Server

HelpMaster uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database platform.  In order to keep your HelpMaster application running at peak performance, a basic knowledge of SQL Server is strongly recommended.  There are many excellent resources on the web and print media that will help you get the best out of your database investment.

The is the home page for Microsoft SQL Server.  Here you will find a lot of information about SQL Server, the latest downloads and service packs, as well as technical support and white papers.  A must-visit for all HelpMaster DBAs - bookmark it now!

SQL Server Performance

This website is a great source of information for maintaining and tuning your SQL Server database for optimal performance.  Highly recommended reading.

Apex SQL

ApexSQL provide a fantastic suite of SQL Server tools to help you manage, document, and tune your SQL Server databases.  Essential tools for DBAs, database developers and anyone else involved in working with databases.

Crystal Reports

HelpMaster uses Crystal Reports as the reporting tool.  Here is the Crystal Reports home page.

Final Builder and Automise

Final Builder is a must-have application.  If you work with computers, then you know that there is always some regular task that you need to perform - backups, moving files, running scripts, batch files etc.  Final Builder is an application that allows you to create a powerful workflow of these tasks and have them executed at regular intervals.

PRD Software uses Final Builder to build every HelpMaster release.