Affordable helpdesk software

HelpMaster is priced to be affordable and is offered in several different configurations to suit your business needs budget.

Flexible software licensing that makes sense

The licensing model also deserves mention. HelpMaster’s concurrent licensing model means we pay for what we use, not for what we could potentially use, but never do. Finally, a software vendor that understands its customers’ needs.

Chris Deegan

IT Manager - Rutledge Engineering


There are 3 editions available when you buy HelpMaster which allow you to choose according to your business requirements and budget.  For further information about the different editions, refer to the Detailed Edition Comparison. Remember, you can always start using one edition and then, as your organization and needs change, easily upgrade to any other edition without losing any downtime, no re-installation is necessary!


Desktop licensing is concurrent.  A concurrent license is consumed when a staff member logs into the system.  Whenever a staff member logs off, their license becomes available for another person to use. 

Web Portal licensing is named.  Each staff member that logs onto the web portal will require a named license. Named licenses can be re-allocated as your staffing changes.

External clients logged in via the web portal do not consume a license. 

HelpMaster licenses are purchased via a monthly, or yearly subscription model.  Choose a payment model that suits your budget and licensing needs.  There is no minimum purchase required.  During the course of your subscription, you get full technical support and all upgrades.  If you decide to terminate your monthly or yearly subscription, the license for HelpMaster will become invalid and the software will cease working.

For more information, a free web demonstration, or pricing on your new HelpMaster service desk system, please contact our sales team today!

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and do not include GST.