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Service management is our business

PRD Software PTY LTD is a privately held Australian company headquartered in the nations capital, Canberra.

Our primary focus is to develop software that allows organizations to improve their service and support delivery to their staff and customers.  Our product, HelpMaster is now in it’s 24th year and has helped hundreds of organizations around the world to streamline their business practices, provide outstanding support and lower costs. 

Helpdesk and ITSM is our sole focus - its what we do and we're 100% committed to improving and supporting the software and the solution we develop.

PRD Software contributes regularly to the ITSM industry and all staff members are well versed in the popular service management best-practice frameworks such as ITIL, KCS, as well as ISO standards for service management.  We're big believers in #Back2ITSM and keeping it real. 

We design software for the real world - not for software certification schemes or popular trends, and our sales and client feedback have consistently told us were on the right track with this.

The team

Our staff are friendly, enthusiastic and committed to providing professional service.  Some have been with the company since it's beginning and draw upon their real-life experience working in and around the IT helpdesk and call center industries.  We're also real and approachable - if you need or want to talk to anyone in the company - from the CEO to any member of the development team, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. 

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Our clients

PRD Software has clients around the world, ranging from multi-national companies, to small business and start-ups.  Whatever the industry, all business have a basic need to log, track, manage and report on issues, client matters and staff workload.  Our smaller clients love the affordability of our licensing model and the rich feature set that HelpMaster delivers, whilst our larger clients find a capable and mature product that helps them address their helpdesk and ITSM needs.

How we develop software for the help-desk and ITSM market

Our design philosophy is to create software that looks good, is easy and intuitive to use, and offer outstanding functionality. We believe that a business application should serve the needs of the users, the business and their clients, not the needs or design of the developers. This means that PRD Software won't take development shortcuts just because a particular feature or technology is cumbersome, complex or technically challenging. In short, we believe that if you can think of a feature that would be useful, we can build it and implement it into our applications. That's our approach to development and our commitment to you.

PRD Software maintains a public list of enhancements, bugs reports, suggestions, criticisms and other feedback about our products from the end-users. This valued information is used in planing for future product development and releases. At PRD Software we encourage all such feedback and welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

PRD Software history

At the time of the first release of HelpMaster in 1996, there was a gaping hole in the help desk software market that needed to be filled. PRD Software realized at that time that there was no reasonably priced, Windows-based help desk software that offered a user-friendly interface, email capabilities and a solid workflow design. Most of the systems of that time (and so many still today) were overpriced, overly complex, had poorly designed graphical user interfaces and required dedicated servers, administrators, coders and SQL knowledge.

That's why we developed HelpMaster.

HelpMaster was designed to provide small to medium enterprises with a fully functional, powerful and friendly helpdesk package that is affordable and usable. Today HelpMaster is being used successfully around the world in many industries and business applications. HelpMaster has also been awarded a national development award for outstanding business software.

The HelpMaster suite of service management tools is enterprise-ready, using a SQL Server for data storage and reporting.  Modules include web for both staff and client self-service, escalation tools, reporting and automated email logging. With the latest release of HelpMaster it is finely tuned for enterprise power and performance and set to be a competitive product in the helpdesk software market.

Where are ITSM solutions going in the future?

Have you noticed how many helpdesk and IT Support products are entering the market lately? 

Have you also noticed how simple and raw many of them seem to be?  Lacking real features and maturity?  They look good for sure, but after using them for awhile, you'll notice that the depth of functionality becomes an issue.

After 20 years in the business of developing and supporting HelpMaster, PRD Software have learned a thing or two about what it takes to succeed and develop great software.  We're constantly innovating and updating our technology, licensing and code to keep up with current trends in the industry and our software is better than ever.  Not only is HelpMaster mature with a great feature set, it's still affordable.  That has always been our goal and always will be.

A Microsoft Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, PRD Software is committed to using and implementing Microsoft solutions and technology. This means that we specialize in products such as SQL Server, the .net framework and development tools,, XML and others. Moreover, our products have been certified by independent consultants to be Windows compliant. To the end user, this means speed, power, flexibility and the confidence that each product that PRD Software produces will accommodate the most demanding of application and enterprise needs. If you would like to know more about our coding practices, our quality control or design methodology, please contact one of our development consultants and we'd be happy to discuss these issues.




25 years of ITSM and Helpdesk software

"Since ditching our old legacy helpdesk software I have had the pleasure of not receiving a single phone call about problems with helpdesk software. HelpMaster has operated flawlessly for two years now. What is more amazing is the support – when we have operational questions or are seeking new features, PRD software listen and respond. This is the first time I have witnessed the perfect customer/vendor relationship in my 15 years in IT.

The licensing model also deserves mention. HelpMaster’s concurrent licensing model means we pay for what we use, not for what we could potentially use, but never do. Finally, a software vendor that understands its customers’ needs.

Keep up the great work PRD!"

Chris Deegan
IT Manager

PRD Software wins the ACT Chief Ministers Export Awards!

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Get support from the team that develop the software

The HelpMaster support team are always willing to help, and always willing to listen to requests for enhancement.  We are very happy with the support we receive.

Peter Venz

IT Manager - Scenic Rim Regional Council