Email notification

Keep your customers and staff informed at every stage of the job lifecycle with customized, HTML email.

HelpMaster features a powerful template-based email notification system that will automatically send email to your customers whenever their job is created or updated.  Staff can compose their own email, or choose from a wide range of pre-made email templates.

Key features

  • Create email templates to build up a library of common information
  • Templates can contains context-sensitive "tags" that are replaced during the sending process.
  • Full spell-check and thesaurus features available
  • Email format can be plain text or HTML
  • Link file attachments to email
  • Each sent email can be viewed in the "Sent items" of your mail clients, as well as in the HelpMaster Action Log
  • Send the same email to multiple clients, or just the "Primary client" for a job
  • Different email can be sent to the different people involved in an incident, or job
    •     The person who owns the job
    •     The person who is just about the be assigned the job
    •     The primary client of the job
    •     All of the clients linked to a job
    •     Any other nominated email address

Service desk email incident notification example

Send and email to both staff and client(s) when a new incident is logged

Awesome service, great email content

Awesome customer support means that your outgoing emails have some polish on them!

Design your out-going email responses to both staff and clients to have rich and meaningful content.  HelpMaster allows you to embed email "tags" into the subject and body of each email.  When the email is sent, these tags are replaced with contextual information relating to the job, client, asset, site or other information.  This means that you can create emails that not only deliver rich contextual information, but also respond to those emails via automation and email-based commands from remote workers.

Service desk email response example

Convert email into help desk tickets easily

Not only does HelpMaster provide a powerful HTML template system to send email from your helpdesk system, but it also provides a comprehensive system to manage the way email is received, processed and responded to.  The HelpMaster Email Manager is an integrated module that allows you to build comprehensive email management rules to achieve the following:

  • Automatically scan multiple inboxes and log incoming email requests from customers as helpdesk job
  • Automatically notify helpdesk personnel of a new job
  • Automatically add customer responses to existing jobs
  • Discard spam, blacklisted or unwanted email
  • Automatically move, process and delete (if necessary) email according to rules

Read further information about the HelpMaster Email Manager

Email systems supported

HelpMaster supports a wide range of email systems such as Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, Lotus Notes, Groupwise, GMail, Hotmail + many more.  In addition to native connections, IMAP and SMTP connections are also supported.


Practical Ways to Improve your Service Desk Email Quality

Read our blog post on how you can improve the content, quality and effectiveness of your service desk emails.  Includes links to download examples you can use today!  No sign-up, no charge, no worries!


Service desk email SLA breach notification example

When an SLA is breached, let the agent that is assigned the ticket know about it!