Email Automation for the IT Helpdesk

You look after your customers

...let HelpMaster look after the email

Convert email to help desk tickets

Email communication can either make or break your client support.   Clients who contact your business via email expect a timely and appropriate response.  If this does not happen they will use the phone next time.

The solution to better email management is to automatically, and intelligently respond to in-coming email.  The HelpMaster Email Manager solution is designed to scan, capture, log, route and respond to your email activity instantly.  

Using a flexible, rules-based workflow engine, email can be converted into helpdesk tickets that are uniquely numbered and assigned to the correct person or skill group within your business.  Once a ticket is created, it becomes an active part of the help-desk workflow process that you define.

Does this sound like your help desk?

  1. Is your helpdesk / support email inbox  overflowing with new requests, or "follow-up" email from your clients?
  2. Do you manually "convert" email into helpdesk jobs, doing a lot of "cut and paste" along the way?
  3. Do you reply directly to an email without logging it into your helpdesk system, possibly because your ticketing system makes it too cumbersome or time consuming to do so?
  4. Do you use your email system as a ticketing system, forwarding email to the appropriate person?
  5. Do you use Outlook to flag, color-code or "assign" tasks?

out of control support inbox

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, then it's time to re-think the way that you handle email and the quality of service that you offer your clients.

Automation = Saving $$

We've been encouraging people to email their requests rather than phoning them in. Previously about 5% of requests were email. Now email requests make up just over 40% of total requests.
[The HelpMaster] Email Manager was introduced to log new jobs and update existing jobs automatically. This is doing the work of an extra staff member...

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IT Support - Police Credit Union

The HelpMaster Email Manager will monitor any number of email inboxes and automatically convert email into help desk tickets based on the rules that you specify.  You can monitor sales email, support email, helpdesk email - any inbox you like.

Use the flexible filtering and processing wizard to create email profiles that will process your inbox in seconds.  Route sales email to your sales-people.  Route network issues to your network team.

Every email that is converted is classified, numbered, and assigned to the relevant technician, or skillgroup that you determine.

The benefit of such a system is that not only does the job get logged, but your clients can receive a near-instant response to their support issue. 

automatically convert email into helpdesk tickets 


HelpMaster also provides a smart two-way integration of email conversion.  Not only can the initial email be converted into a support ticket, but any replies that come from either your clients, or your staff can also be automatically processed and added to the help-desk job.  This allows remote staff to update tickets via mobile devices, and allows quick and effective communication between your team and your clients.

Staff can also use email commands to affect the support ticket.  Use commands to:

  • Re-assign the ticket
  • Close the ticket
  • Update the ticket
  • Change the status of the ticket / put on hold
  • Run a script
  • Send an email

The most powerful, easy to configure Email processing engine on the market

The HelpMaster Email Manager makes processing email easy.  Simple and powerful.

rule based email processing for the helpdesk

Design your email processing rules in a visual, drag 'n drop interface.  Link processing paths to pre-defined job and action templates to process the email.

  • Configure auto-responders when clients contact your help desk
  • Automatically update ticket information when clients respond to your reply
  • Create rules that escalate, re-assign, or send relevant knowledge base material back to your clients.


Take control of your inbox!

So many options are available.  Monitor email inboxes that are dedicated to sales, helpdesk, complaints, management, event monitoring and more.

For more information about email patterns, see our Pattern of the Week series on the HelpMaster Email Manager discussion board.