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Build workflow for Service Requests, Incident, Problem, Change, Approvals and more

Just drag and drop workflow objects and set properties

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Code-less configuration of business processes

HelpMaster features a flexible and powerful workflow designer that allows you to map existing business process as a series of workflow steps.  This is achieved by an intuitive drag 'n drop interface where you simply drag the corresponding workflow object onto the designer canvas, set the relevant properties, and then connect it to the next step! 

No coding, no developer required - it's simply configuring objects.


Workflow for HR on-boarding process


Why workflow?

Workflow provides a dedicated structure behind each job that gives your team the tools to progress along the natural life-cycle of a given task in an orderly, well-documented manner.  It cuts down on bureaucracy that slows everything down by already describing the steps and providing the data that is required for a business process.

Decisions can be made faster, by the right people, and with the correct information they need to know.  Important changes can be correctly documented, approved and implemented (see Change Management), and decisions can be made either automatically based on data, or by staff that are presented with the relevant options.

Optimize, automate and orchestrate

Building and configuring workflow that maps to real-world processes will help a business to mature and refine its internal practices and efficiency.  Over time, this improvement in both business practices and workflow will translate into better delivery of services, increased consistency and time-savings for both staff and customers of the business.

Build processes for:

  • IT Service Desk operations
  • Human Resources - Employee On-boarding
  • Human Resources - Employee terminations
  • Payroll processes
  • Facilities management schedule services and equipment checks
  • HR leave applications
  • Software development and bug tracking
  • General customer support

It's easy to build almost ANY process with the built-in proces and workflow objects.  Just select an object from the menu, set some properties and connect it to the workflow process. 

Workflow process business objects for ITIL process management


Powerful workflow, without the dev

Almost any structured, defined business process can be modeled and configured within HelpMaster using the workflow designer.  Embrace digital transformation of the business by creating workflow and automated process flow for all key business functions, including:

Standard Processes

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Approvals
  • Request fulfillment
  • Human resources (new starter, terminations)
  • Product renewals
  • Sales pipeline management

Advanced Workflows

  • Multi-stage approvals and changes requests
  • Parent/child job logging and linking
  • Software development and DEVOPs workflow
  • Server and infrastructure configuration
  • Asset loans
  • Support case transitioning to software issue
  • IT Systems administration via scripting
  • Active Directory integration and lookup


The HelpMaster workflow designer is an intuitive, drag 'n drop interface that allows you to configure various workflow objects that link together to form your process.  Simply drag a workflow component from the list of available objects, position it on the designer "canvas", set some properties and link it to the next object.

workflow objects for business process design

Build your processes from the following workflow objects:

  • Message boxes
  • Input boxes
  • User-based decision prompts
  • Data-based decision points
  • Update an existing job
  • Milestones
  • Data validation
  • Custom data capture
  • SQL Scripting for database updates
  • Create a new Request for Change
  • Powershell scripting for system adminstration
  • Set a variable / value
  • Query a variable / value
  • Send an email
  • Log a new job
ITSM workflow designer

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