Health and Aged Care Facilities

Proactively schedule preventative maintenance for facilities management

Provide a Request portal for staff and residents

Monitor and track assets

Software for Health and Aged Care Facilities

Health and Aged Care is one of the fastest growing sectors around the world, and faces many unique and difficult challenges.  Due to the rapid rise in the growth of the industry, it's not surprising to see management of aged care facilities reach out to software-based business solutions to log, track and manage various aspects of running a home, or community.

Health care facilities and aged care facilities require a high level of regulatory and legislative compliance.  Equipment, assets, machinery, rooms, and component all need to be checked, serviced and maintained.  Of course when such equipment has issues, the resulting service desk / help desk request also need to be logged, tracked and managed.  This is where the logging, tracking and help desk history features of HelpMaster can assist.  By scheduling recurring maintenance tasks and assigning a dedicated workflow to each asset type, a business can take pro-active action to ensure that the equipment is maintained and achieve operational and legislative compliance. 

The reporting features of HelpMaster helpdesk software can assist facilities managers of issues, recurring failures and unattended faults. 

Technology advancements are assisting aged care facilities to provide superior service and comfort to their communities.  As facilities embrace new technology to assist with patient care, monitoring, scheduling, asset registration and maintenance, and more, there is also a growing need to be able to manage the technology in an efficient and effective way. 

With rapid legislative changes, and the tight financial constraints, it makes sense that Health and Aged Care facilities look for ways to improve their services, while at the same time looking to minimize expense and unnecessary waste. 

Aged Care facilities have many opportunities to leverage the functionality that HelpMaster provides.

IT Help desk Support

Log, track and manage IT related issues using best-practice ITSM principles including incident, problem and change management. 

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Web Portal for Request

Make it easy for residents, staff, family and vendors to request information, goods, services and feedback. 

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Human Resources Workflow

Manage staff, resident and other HR processes with powerful workflow automation. 

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The search for IT Help desk support software...

Two years ago we were searching for an enterprise grade help desk software solution. After evaluating a multitude of other applications, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon HelpMaster.  We were immediately overwhelmed by the elegance of the application in its flexibility, capability, feature set and reliability. It is well designed, and well written...

Chris Deegan

IT Manager - Rutledge Engineering