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Finance, insurance and banking organizations operate in an industry where compliance, process and delivering effective customer support is not only expected, but also legislated.  This puts them in an ideal sector where they can realize the benefits of ITSM and help desk software.

The best-practice support operations that have traditionally been the utilized in information technology, are now being considered and implemented by other departments and work-groups within larger organizations, including the financial and banking sector.  Enterprise service management is now having a positive effect in areas such as human resources, facilities management, complaints and feedback management, legal and policy as well as general day-to-day business operations.

HelpMaster delivers functionality in all each of these areas, which is why it is being used in many financial institutions across the globe.

Increase transparency

Trust and security is built around transparency and accountability.  By logging, tracking and recording all aspects of a service ticket, any organization can improve their overall efficiency and trace-ability.  Service Management software such as HelpMaster is purpose built for this.  Each ticket/incident/problem/change that is logged into the system can be configured to have a full workflow that underpins the business operations and process that take place.  Nothing slips through the cracks.

IT Helpdesk and Service Desk

Helpdesk, service desk, ITSM best practice for incident, problem, knowledge and change management.

Feedback and Complaints

Capture, classify and respond to feedback, complaints and other input from your staff, clients and partners

Facilities Management

Schools, Offices, Hospitals, Strata and real-estate, Parks and gardens, Factories, and general building maintenance

Accident and Incident reporting

Provide a web portal for reporting accidents, incidents and near-misses. Build workflow to ensure your processes are being followed correctly

Human Resources

Configure process and workflow for new starters, terminations, salary information, leave requests, allowance requests and more

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Get to know your customers. Capture information, send email, track with workflow and sales processes

Software bug tracking

Log, track and manage software bugs. Build workflow to classify, triage, document and assign to the devs, testing and release personnel

Business Workflow and Process Automation

Configure powerful workflow and processes using an intuitive workflow designer. Drag 'n drop. No coding required

Issue and Job Tracking

Log and track anything! Great for general business "to do" lists, project management, queue management and staff workload balancing

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