Workplace accident and incident reporting

Workplace accident and incident reporting

Capture all the details of the incident

Provide an online reporting portal for employees

Accident, Injury and incident reporting

Work health and Safety regulations often require all serious workplace injuries and near-misses to be reported in a structured, defined manner.  Recording such events builds a history log that can then be used for reporting, review, investigation and legislative compliance.

Regulatory compliance for accident and injury reporting

Keeping a register of injuries and illness is often a legal requirement for business and work-places.  Recording an event often involves, but is not limited to the following information:

  • The name of the worker
  • The worker's occupation or job title
  • The time and date of the injury or incident
  • The location of the injury or incident
  • The names and details of any witnesses
  • The nature of the injury or incident
  • The result of the injury or incident
  • Details about ambulance, police or other emergency services that were involved

Of course, different types of incidents require different data to be recorded and captured.  HelpMaster provides a flexible form-building feature that allows to you create custom forms for all types of events.  Once all details have been recorded, you can start building workflow, automation and triggers for each incident type.

Accident and Injury Reporting form


Build process triggers around reported events

Once logged, incidents and accidents can then become part of an automated workflow process where various triggers, and other business rules can take effect.  Such triggers and notifications can take place for:

  • The death of a person
  • A serious injury or illness of a person
  • A dangerous workplace hazard or practice

 In addition to triggers and notification, HelpMaster can also assist with assigning the case to the correct person, or team via built-in rules, or by custom processes that you can define for each case-type.


Reporting Hazards

In addition to recording actual accidents and injuries, "near misses" and other occupational hazards or violations of safety and security codes can also be logged, tracked and managed.  The objective behind reporting hazards is to minimize the risk of incidents and injuries occurring at the workplace by identifying hazards and breaches of safety protocol.

Hazard identification and reporting is inextricably linked to facilities maintenance.  Once logged and documented, a hazard or risk can then be dealt with by the appropriate person or team.

Hazards may include:

  • Unsafe work conditions
  • Damaged or malfunctioning equipment
  • Dangerous spills or leaks
  • Infectious diseases, or potential for contamination
  • Animal hazards
  • Weather conditions, or the result of weather
  • Electrical hazards


Incident, Injury and hazard investigation

Post-incident investigation and analysis serves to prevent similar incidents from occurring again, and also assists in identifying similar or potential threats.  Investigation and analysis should be a built-in process into all accident, injury and near-miss reports, and should ideally commence as soon as possible.

Investigation should attempt to verify the details of the matter, and answer the questions of:

  • What happened
  • How it happened
  • Why it happened

and finally, how to prevent this from re-occurring.

Accident and Injury Reporting Software 

Log, track and manage incidents with HelpMaster

HelpMaster has many tools and features that can assist any business to design accident and injury forms to record all sorts of workplace incidents.  


Give your employees and customers the ability to report accidents, injuries, near-misses and other threats and issues via a quick and easy to use web portal.