Customer Relationship Management

Know your customers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

HelpMaster makes an excellent CRM tool.  Using HelpMaster, your business can store a comprehensive set of information against each of your customers and clients.  This information is easily accessible by your team and can then be used for a range of business functions.

CRM Customer Relationship Management

Engage your customers!

When customer data is collected or organized into a single, shared database within your business, good things happen.  New business opportunities open, trends in data are revealed and visibility into the possibilities can be explored.

Multiple sections within your organization can leverage this information to improve all aspects of business.

  • Sales teams can log, track and manage leads, prospects and clients.  Use historical data to forecast events.
  • Marketing personnel can gain insight into buying patterns, help desk technical issues and trends
  • Help desk and IT services can provide end-to-end support service
  • General business units can query data to find the latest status of a clients and identify the needs and requirements that your customers have

Customer relationship management is more than just a database of people and data.  It's a structured methodology for doing business.  When a business invests in establishing a good CRM routine, all aspect of the business improve.


Clients benefit from CRM

When clients contact a business, they want to be treated with prompt service, meaningful interactions with staff, and be able to rely on the business knowing who they are, what they do, and have knowledge of their historical dealings with the company.  This is where customer relationship management can really help.

Staff have at their fingertips, the full history of a client.  Their purchasing history, their help desk history, their complaints history.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Everything.

This is good for customers.  Their interaction with the company is fully documented and understood.


Efficiently track customer interactions

Customers interact with your company in many ways.  Phone, email, web, fax. Twitter, Facebook. etc.

HelpMaster makes it easy to track these communications.  Automatically convert email into sales and helpdesk tickets with the powerful Email Manager.  Record, track and manage phone conversations.  Fully log all web-based communication from your clients and prospects with the web self-service module.

Every update, every action is fully logged, tracked and managed with HelpMaster.  Nothing slips through the cracks and staff members have full visibility into the history of each job, ticket or update.


From Marketing to Sales to Help desk and beyond

CRM, or customer relationship management is a multi-disciplined approach to finding, maintaining and working with your customers and clients

  • Create marketing campaigns to find your customers
  • Track sales progress of prospects and existing clients
  • Manage all technical and other help desk issues to provide a complete customer service approach

HelpMaster is an affordable, flexible and powerful product suite that delivers on every aspect of your customer relationship management needs.

Download a copy today and see for yourself the difference it can make to your business.