Facilities Management Software

Facilities Management Software

Log, track and manage property issues

Automate scheduling of equipment and building checks

Proactively schedule facilities maintenance tasks

Maintenance, Scheduling and Asset Management

Facilities Management is the management of buildings and equipment and is concerned with the profitable maintenance, operation and monitoring of such things.  Facilities management and maintenance is a multi-faceted discipline that combines people, process, and equipment with a strategic focus that ultimately helps a business to operate with increased safety, lower maintenance costs, lower business risks and a better understanding of the impact of changes, maintenance and asset inventory.

Many of the tasks and concepts that facilities management covers is required under legislation for occupational health and safety reasons.  Legislative and regulatory compliance may cover areas such as fire safety, physical security, environment health and safety, operational machinery and more.  This makes facilities management an important discipline in just about every business that relies on its people, buildings and equipment.  Facilities management has application in just about every business such as:

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities, Campus Grounds
  • Offices, Buildings, Housing
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Aged Care
  • Strata real estate management
  • Parks and gardens
  • Factories



Use HelpMaster to link people, places and things together,
and then log and automate maintenance tasks and projects

Common Facilities Management Activities

  • Communication between building occupants, workers and people with property owners
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Regular scheduling for maintenance, repairs and health-checks
  • Logging and recording of the service history for equipment
  • Reporting for faulty equipment
  • Project management for property and equipment replacement, repairs or inspection
  • Business continuity
  • Safety inspections
  • Compliance checking

Log, track and manage FM tasks and assets

At its core, HelpMaster is a workflow and ticketing system that allows you to log, track and manage a range of business tasks, projects and jobs.  Behind the flexible call logging system is an advanced workflow and automation engine that allows you to configure custom business rules for any scenario.

HelpMaster is easily configured to start logging facilities management incidents, assets, breaks and fixes and then have a complete end-to-end life-cycle associated with each call type to ensure that every request and maintenance item is fully tracked through to completion.  Moreover, HelpMaster allows staff, customers, vendors and others to log, request and track items via a web portal.

In additional to manually logging and recording facilities management items, HelpMaster can also automatically create new jobs according to a time-based schedule, or according to other data-driven needs.   For example, you could configure a job to be logged every 6 months to inspect all fire extinguishers in a building, and then assign this job to the relevant person,section or department for action.

facilities management fire extinguisher safety check for regulatory compliance

IT Helpdesk and Service Desk

Helpdesk, service desk, ITSM best practice for incident, problem, knowledge and change management.

Feedback and Complaints

Capture, classify and respond to feedback, complaints and other input from your staff, clients and partners

Facilities Management

Schools, Offices, Hospitals, Strata and real-estate, Parks and gardens, Factories, and general building maintenance

Accident and Incident reporting

Provide a web portal for reporting accidents, incidents and near-misses. Build workflow to ensure your processes are being followed correctly

Human Resources

Configure process and workflow for new starters, terminations, salary information, leave requests, allowance requests and more

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Get to know your customers. Capture information, send email, track with workflow and sales processes

Software bug tracking

Log, track and manage software bugs. Build workflow to classify, triage, document and assign to the devs, testing and release personnel

Business Workflow and Process Automation

Configure powerful workflow and processes using an intuitive workflow designer. Drag 'n drop. No coding required

Issue and Job Tracking

Log and track anything! Great for general business "to do" lists, project management, queue management and staff workload balancing