Testimonials for HelpMaster as a Service-desk solution

We have really enjoyed working with PRD software, [HelpMaster] is easy to use, and we have always found PRD to be responsive to our needs and requests.

Cheryl H. - Systems Administrator

I spent about two weeks testing the following systems:

  •     Zendesk
  •     LANDesk
  •     FreshDesk
  •     SYSAID
  •     Spiceworks
  •     Helpdeskpilot
  •     Samange
  •     Manageengine
  •     Remedy

This was 2 weeks collectively as I quickly got rid of most of them. I found that the web-based systems (zendesk, spiceworks, etc) offered no direct control over what we wanted and were piecemeal in what they had to offer. Conversely, systems like Remedy and LANDesk, while more well-known in the industry suffered from a high learning curve to setup and administer which would, in my opinion, confuse and frustrate the end-user. I settled on HelpMaster Pro which I tested extensively for about two months and found that it had the flexibility we needed in order to customize it for our business, could be deployed as a web-app for end-users with an easy and intuitive interface (which itself could easily be modified to further suit our needs through API plug-in) as well as a desktop app for power-users in PCLAN. It provided all of the controls that I felt were needed in a replacement help desk system from Asset tracking to Workflow setup to E-Mail Ticket Generation.

Damien - Systems Administrator

Our fast paced IT helpdesk environment requires a sleek, easy to setup/maintain helpdesk system and HelpMaster has never let us down.  Our company has been using the application for over 4 years and as it has matured and grown so has out IT support and infrastructure.

The flexibility of the application is second to none and the foundation for this success is their support.  So many applications offer flexibility without the foresight of supporting users through their customisations.  PRD have always responded promptly to requests for assistance in all areas including your custom changes which makes them a rare breed in the software vendor market.  This professional outfit has fantastic documentation, online help, and direct support that surpass expectation.  Before moving on to just how fantastic HelpMaster is I can’t stress the importance of customer service and support from you helpdesk software vendor.  This is difficult to ascertain prior to purchase but I recommend looking at online testimonials available for PRD, you will find plenty of comments backing up our experience.

If you came to work and the boss said I’m increasing your support base by 400%, giving you no extra staff and expect better customer service, most people would just laugh and start looking for a new job!  In the 4 years we have been using HelpMaster that is exactly what we achieved.  Every time I tell people this they immediately respond with “Yeah but I’m sure that’s not just because of HelpMaster” and they couldn’t be more wrong.  HelpMaster has enabled us to transform into a productive, proactive and efficient team enabling business growth without extra staff.  This was recognised by other departments and resulted in the implementation of HelpMaster into business areas managing Property/Facilities, Asset and Logistics and Fleet vehicles.  The reason HelpMaster should be on the top of your list is that you can achieve exactly the same but do it your way.  No business is the same so PRD developed a stable method for customers to create workflows, SLA’s and other modifications easily.  This means that the people with the business knowledge have the power to make the system increase productivity by overcoming your unique issues rather than forcing business changes to suit an inflexible alternative.

Our company operates in the non for profit sector and this means that reducing costs and improving productivity results in positive changes being made in the community that were otherwise un-affordable.  Apart from the obvious saving in reduced staff numbers the concurrent user licensing model illustrates how “in touch” PRD are with their customers.  I mean fancy paying for what you need rather than what you might one day use.  The licensing model is then topped with reasonably priced per user licences or bundled packs for even more discount.  These simple, customer focused decisions mean PRD have enable us to provide a great deal to the community that would be otherwise impossible and they should be commended for it.

If you’re not convinced yet I recommend downloading the application and using it.  The trial is the real deal so you can set it up and get cracking as though you just bought it.  This really is a business changing application that is stable, easily customisable, properly supported and competitively priced.  After reading this you probably think I work for them but if you want to chat further please contact PRD software who can put you in touch with me.  I’m happy to chat to anyone who wants to know more about how it changed the business.

Shaun C - Support Specialist: Infrastructure and Helpdesk

I would just like to say thank you for the call yesterday.  It came as a great surprise, as I was puzzling over a problem with HMPv11, and low and behold I get a call from PRD.....brilliant!  Also it the dawned on me that it was nearly midnight in Sydney and you were still at work!!!!!!!!

Really looking forward to meeting you on your European tour.

Tony Skeen - Service Desk Analyst

Thank you for the demonstration! Your product is really very powerful!

Thomas - Comment following an on-line demonstration

Perfect 10's!

Was your issue resolved?: Completely resolved
How responsive was the support?: 10
How satisfied were you with the result: 10
Comments: Excellent support from you guys.

Comment from our support feedback system - February 2012

Thanks so much for your quick reply!  I was worried about the time difference!  I received the license and all is working.

Anne - Helpdesk technician

Yes! I've been using HelpMaster for over 5 years now.

You know what really impresses me? The product support. I can call or email PRD Software (the vendor that makes HelpMaster), and they always get back to me with either a solution, or a workaround, or at least something!

HelpMaster is an excellent call-logging system and has many features (most of which we're not using). Anyway, it's easy to use and does everything you need to run a helpdesk.

I agree with the other reviewers comments - the email response management system is excellent. Couldn't live without it.

Anonymously submitted in a review of HelpMaster

Just checked the ticket with the user and it is all working fine.  I must say, it is a real pleasure to be able to get such good support from you and the team.
Thanks again.


Just wanted to say that I recently demo'ed HelpMaster for use at work, which is a security alarm monitoring centre with telephone answering services.

These answering services range from local government to electrical companies to funeral homes.  When I started in the job we were recording most jobs in logbooks - and transferring the details onto a simple Filemaker database.  A report for each client would be printed and faxed the following day.  However, all information about how to handle calls is held in paper format in a series of folders, along with callout rosters.

Several clients now require us to email their calls to them once completed, which of course opens up problems with formatting consistency between operators etc...

This is where I began searching for software to cover the job, however there isn't really anything out there that suits, closest was your HelpMaster which is amazing.

Andrew B

The HelpMaster support team are always willing to help, and always willing to listen to requests for enhancement.  We are very happy with the support we receive."

Scenic Rim Regional Council

I have used HelpMaster for about 4 years now. I love it! But, installation has always been, well, a bit of a hassle. Until now! You and your team deserve some serious kudos for the new installer. I think it was about 3 clicks? It did take about 10 minutes, but when it completed, I couldn't believe that everything, EVERYTHING, had been installed and connected to the SQL database that it also created for me!
Bravo. Keep up the good work. This makes testing the latest version so much easier for me! (I will be using it soon btw!)

Sincerely, Scott

ASI’s implementation of HelpMaster Pro is used to manage a multi-customer environment.  Almost every one of these customer has a different service model with different service level agreements.  HelpMaster Pro has proven itself to be a very flexible tool that can accommodate these varying requirements. 

During the initial implementation of HelpMaster Pro there was some changes that were required to enable the product to handle multiple customers and maintain separation of customers and their data.  PRD proved themselves to be very responsive in being able to turn around these changes usually in a matter of days.  Subsequent to these changes PRD has always responded to ASI’s suggestions for product improvements within their normal development cycles.

The use of the email manager and priority manager modules has allowed ASI to implement a high level of automation in its ticket logging and ticket management processes thereby reducing the reliance on telephony, improving accuracy and improving our ability to effectively manage SLAs.  Although ASI’s implementation is predominantly used to manage IT services HelpMaster Pro has proven such a flexible tool that it can be used to manage any business process.  If you can flow chart it you can manage it with HelpMaster Pro.

John Suhle - Services Delivery Manager
ASI Solutions

Two years ago we were searching for an enterprise grade helpdesk software solution. After evaluating a multitude of other applications, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon HelpMaster Pro. We were immediately overwhelmed by the elegance of the application in its flexibility, capability, feature set and reliability. It is well designed, well written and is greasing the wheels of our customer support operations every single day.

Since ditching our old legacy helpdesk software I have had the pleasure of not receiving a single phone call about problems with helpdesk software. HelpMaster Pro has operated flawlessly for two years now. What is more amazing is the support – when we have operational questions or are seeking new features, PRD software listen and respond. This is the first time I have witnessed the perfect customer/vendor relationship in my 15 years in IT.

The licensing model also deserves mention. HelpMaster Pro’s concurrent licensing model means we pay for what we use, not for what we could potentially use, but never do. Finally, a software vendor that understands its customers’ needs.

Keep up the great work PRD!

Chris Deegan - IT Manager
Rutledge Engineering

HelpMaster has allowed us to not only maintain our previous support offerings, but has given us the ability to expand on these and bring various other processes in the one application. Due to its flexibility and customization, we have been able to incorporate a lot of sub-processes thus eliminating mundane paperwork and use of various spreadsheets for capturing data.

We have extensively utilised job, action, and email templates, to automate re-occurring process and we are constantly adding new templates to achieve efficiency. Priority manager has also assisted in the administration and the monitoring of these various tasks and the ability to customize reports with crystal has allowed us to provide our clients with range of valuable data.

George Markovski - Service Delivery Manager for Victoria
Rutledge Engineering

HelpMaster has improved Rutledge Helpdesk capabilities. For example Government clients require an email notification when a fault is logged, stating the job number, status, and the reported Fault. The HelpMaster Pro Email template provides this capability to send an automated email when a Fault is logged. The Email functionality has improved the helpdesk workflow by disseminating the Job specific information to the client. The automated response has improved the communication channel and provides a level of comfort to the client that the fault has been acknowledged and actioned. The HelpMaster Pro Email Manager has provided Rutledge Engineering the tool that facilitates enhanced communication between the helpdesk and the client.

The email notification was well received which was demonstrated by positive customer feedback leading to increase in customer satisfaction.

Jon Wood - Service Delivery Manager for NSW
Rutledge Engineering

Product support doesn't get much better than this. Not only do you give me the answer to resolve my problem, many thanks, but you make a follow up call to check that it did.  It works a treat and our whole IT department are a lot happier.  I have one other question about your software which I will be posting today, hope you can help with this one as well.  Many thanks

Anonymously submitted to our tech support

Thank you so very much for your ongoing support over the last 5+ years.  I have enjoyed our chats and have greatly appreciated your feedback and modifications regarding my ideas and suggestions.  Please pass on my thanks to the team also.

Janet Singh - Service Level Co-ordinator
Department of Treasury and Finance

We have been using the HelpMaster helpdesk software for the past 3 years to help support over 200 of our branches and satellite locations around the world.

Before HelpMaster , we used a system that was developed in-house, and only allowed us to achieve our basic business objectives. With the implementation of HelpMaster, we have been able to put in place a dynamic work flow environment that has streamlined our business practices. This in turn increased business productivity across all of our sites.

Our overall staff satisfaction has improved with the use of the three tiered template system to tackle the repetitive nature of our service desk, and the Email Manager and Priority Manager modules to manage the day-to-day job logging and SLA protocols respectively. The boost to internal moral has enabled us to maintain our skilled and valuable workforce, allowing us to be a much more effective unit without the interruption of staff turnover.

In addition to internal staff satisfaction, we have recorded a significant increase to our client satisfaction levels with the automation of logging and updating jobs, immediate client email responses, and the overall expedited job resolution now available to the end user.

I would say that HelpMaster is a “win-win” for us…

Ross Gagic - Helpdesk Manager
Coates Australia

It’s a pleasure [to submit a testimonial for HelpMaster]. I really enjoyed your support considering the distance and have enjoyed working with your system over the years.  [PRD Software] have always been very helpful and supportive.  I wish your company all the best in the future.

Mike Moore - Service Management Consultant
Banking Machine Services

Worked a treat mate.  Thanks for all your help, as per usual impressed with the support...

Shaun C - Support technician

It's a great product! It does what it's supposed to. No matter how complex or simple the task, it just works!

Lewis Young - Helpdesk Manager
Queensland Department of Public Works

Thank you so much for your help. Let me take this opportunity to say how pleased we are with the level of services that we get from PRD Software. Anytime I can recommend this software to another college I do with the assurance that I have stood behind a quality product and a quality organization.

St. Mary's College of Maryland

I have to tell you I was going to program a Help Desk program myself and first downloaded a bunch of shareware versions of other people's software to get some ideas... when I came across your software, I decided NOT to program one after all... your's has all the features I was looking for including asset management PLUS you give users access to the database so we can write other reports (using Crystal Reports) and front-ends for information that your software doesn't support (network IP address, Network Address, etc for each asset is something that I would have to add) So basically you offer the full package with an excellent benefit of unlimited expansion!

All at a very reasonable price! My hat's off to you! Nice job!

New York USA

The system itself is excellent, easy to use, yet has all the functionality required to run an efficient helpdesk system.”

P W – UK

The global call center solution exists out of : basic pbx functionality, call center functionality (acd, ivr, cti,...), RAS service, help desk system, and some more features. The idea is now to select a very flexible and scalable help desk system to incorporate in the "one box"(the other functionalities are already implemented and ready to distribute). I have already worked with Siebel, Vantive, Scopus (now together with Siebel), Heat, Supermagic, Bridge99, TrackIT, PrTracker and so on I must say that HelpMaster looks best.


I've installed HelpMaster on all the support team PC's and we start to use the program as our "official" Helpdesk program at the beginning of last week. It's an excellent program - everybody agrees with this. It covers all the aspects that you need to run a Helpdesk successfully on. I like the report system and the asset system. As I said – an excellent program - well done!

Riana - Kromco

I really like this package. Simple enough to be very user friendly and complex enough to satisfy my reporting and communication needs. As well as good integration with other applications. Startup and implementation of this helpdesk software would have been hell without these three key things. It's only been 2.5 months since I first downloaded this package, we have 1,500 total jobs and we've only been fully operational for 5 weeks. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me, my department and my company.

Chris - Canada


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return on investment

"We've been encouraging people to email their requests rather than phoning them in. In 2004 about 5% of requests were email. Now email requests make up just over 40% of total requests....

[The HelpMaster] Email Manager was introduced to log new jobs and update existing jobs automatically. This is doing the work of an extra staff member."

- Quote from a client using the Email Manager (excerpt from the Email Manager discussion board)