Service desk roles and responsibilities

Helpdesk software affects the entire business, and when correctly implemented along with cultural education, process development and technology, it can work to transform your business.  Read how each role and/or department in your organization can benefit from HelpMaster.

First line helpdesk / service desk agents

When you're at the front line of a busy helpdesk, you need the right tool to get the job done.  HelpMaster features a unique, 3-tiered template system, as well as a responsive "helpdesk history" lookup that makes work at the front line of any helpdesk a breeze.


1st level help desk support staff


Second line helpdesk / service desk technicians

The second line of a helpdesk is where things get done.  Learn how HelpMaster can help the helpdesk professional to work with jobs, query known-workarounds as well as implement workflow associated with your business.

2nd level help desk support staff


Service desk managers

The Helpdesk Manager needs to have their finger on the pulse of the helpdesk.  In addition to raw statistics, the manager requires visibility into staff workloads, escalations, SLA breaches as well as client satisfaction.

Learn how HelpMaster provides all of these things to a  helpdesk manager.