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Why pay monthly fees when you can own it forever?

HelpMaster is an on-premise help desk and ITSM solution that has been used by thousands of companies around the world.  Why pay monthly fees if you already own and service your own Microsoft infrastructure?

HelpMaster is a Microsoft based help-desk and ITSM product that has been build from the ground-up on Microsoft tools and technology.  If you already host and maintain a SQL Server database instance, and run Windows and Windows Server products, you already have what it takes to install, host and use HelpMaster. 

Why pay for hosting?  Use your existing infrastructure and save money, have complete access, and data security.

Simple Installation

HelpMaster is simple to install, configure and use.  The install wizard will automatically install, configure and setup your database, application, services and web site for your helpdesk application.   All installation options are configurable so that you can install your helpdesk software, your way.

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Complete Database Access

The HelpMaster Microsoft SQL Server database is completely under your control.  You control the hosting, the access, the reporting and everything else about your data.  Unlike hosted solutions, you'll be able to access your data anytime, and anyway you like....forever.

Network Access

An on-premise helpdesk solution allow your system administrators to configure access in any way they see fit.  There are no lock-in contracts, no lock-in data rules, and you can configure access in any way you like.

Get the reports you need

On-premise data allows you to access your data when you need it, without expense,and without hassle.  If you need more helpdesk reports - no problem!  Just connect to your own data-source, and create the reports you need.  HelpMaster ships with many out-of-the-box reports, however if you need to extract ANY data from the SQL Server database, it is right there for you to access.  HelpMaster ships with a full database dictionary, so your report writers and database administrators will know exactly what tables, queries and stored procedures to access for your reporting needs.

Of course, if you need to create your own structures in the database, you will be able to do that without restriction - it's your database!

Helpdesk reports and statistics are never-ending.  If you already use Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), PowerBI, Excel, or any other reporting tool that can connect to a SQL Server database, you will always have your helpdesk data ready and available to report on.

Total data access...forever.

Upgrade Stability

With an on-premise solution, you control when and how you upgrade.  This allows you to test, manage and train for up-coming improvements to the software.  Control your environment with on-premise software.

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