Helpdesk Bingo
  • Are things getting a bit dull at the service desk?
  • Upset callers getting you down?
  • Is tech-support deja-vu messing with your head?
  • Need to find a way to blow off some steam?

Helpdesk Bingo is here to help!

Helpdesk bingo is sweeping the IT support world by storm!  Play today and watch out for classic helpdesk buzzword phrases

Helpdesk Bingo classics like...
Have you tried turning it off and on again? Reset your password What account are you using? That's a permissions issue Windows XP is not supported That's a dropped packet You've got invalid memory! Is it plugged in? That is by design How often does it do that? Is your BIOS current? You need to upgrade Can you log a ticket?

Bingo cards come in different configurations, and provide hours of fun and excitement for all members of the team.  Complete one card, and then move onto the next.


Help desk ITSM bingo game

Simply download the bingo cards, print copies for the whole team, share them around the office and have fun. 

Editions include:

  • General help desk
  • Microsoft Windows
  • ITSM Service Desk

... or do all 3 at once for bonus points and total service-desk mastery.

Don't forget to tweet your victory with #helpdeskbingo!

From the front-line...

I don't always play games at work, but when I do, I make sure it's Helpdesk bingo


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How many cards can YOU do?